A Little Better, A Little Worse

Left alone with the thoughts swirling around in my head, I sometimes amaze myself – for better or for worse – at just how deep down the thought trail I can journey.

What begins as a relatively benign and barely conscious thought grows ever more present as I allow the thought, and all the feelings attached to it, to continue resurfacing again, and again, and again.

Before long, this once quiet thought has gathered enough momentum to place itself at the forefront of my mind, demanding to be addressed. And as as we all know, attempting not to address the thought is really the fastest way to ensure that it becomes nearly all-consuming.

I believe it is in how we address these thoughts that we create the potential to genuinely alter our perceptions, resulting in a new reality that we have more of a hand in creating than we tend to give ourselves credit for.

It all begins with a simple choice – just as with most things in our lives: Do I want to feel a little better, or a little worse?

When presented in this way, it’s fair to say that most would never consciously choose to feel worse. Even so, that tends to be the path of least resistance, and is thus the path that we will continually take if left unaddressed. It is up to us to decide to change course if we truly want to put ourselves in a better place.

Fortunately, every single moment in time, no matter what our circumstances, is the perfect opportunity to choose a better feeling thought.

No matter how far down the negative thought path you’ve travelled, it is never too late to choose a better feeling thought. A thought that comes from a place of understanding, openness, acceptance and reconciliation that will guide you down a new path with a much more ideal and pleasant outcome, guaranteed.

One good feeling thought followed by another, and another, and another will create a momentum shift that can help to pull you out of the negative fast-track you may be on (think of the moving walkways at your nearest international airport), and onto an entirely new plane (pun intended) of thought.

It is from this new plane that a refreshed perspective can take hold, and we can begin to build on a new narrative that our better feeling thoughts have allowed us to create.

When grappling with thoughts you can sense are ushering you down a negative path, find the closest better-feeling thought and keep on going until the better-feeling thoughts have become the new default.

When you become accustomed to this idea that you can always choose to feel a little better, as opposed to feeling a little worse, then you can begin to appreciate just how empowered you always have been.





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