I Trust You. Do You Trust Me?


The video above represents what I consider one of the most awesome widespread social experiments out there. Blind faith – the opportunity to make yourself 100% vulnerable in the hopes that your vulnerability will be reciprocated in a moment of genuine love and acceptance.

The longer I watched the video, the more I began to think of the subject (the blindfolded man) as a broader metaphor for the universe on the whole and how we choose to interact with it on any given day.

The universe is entirely open to us at all times, eager for us to interact with it in our own unique way. Much like the blindfolded man with outstretched arms and an easy smile, the universe cares not about your race, gender identity, religion, beliefs, past mistakes or present fears. It simply wishes to embrace you with all of its love, knowing and appreciation for all that you are…whenever you are ready.

With the start of each new day, the universe offers up literally thousands of reasons to be grateful in the moment. As each of your senses kicks in, they implore you to feel how good it is to be alive with the chance to touch, taste, smell hear and see the world around you while still being able to make sense of it all.

And as we wade through our own emotions to determine our mood for the day, the universe tags along for the ride to watch it all unfold. The universe acts as the blindfolded man on the street. The only difference being that instead of one man on one street, the universe is always right where you are, setting up camp with a sign at every turn that reads, “I Trust You, Do You Trust Me?” So in every moment you are faced with two options: examine or embrace.

To examine is to be like the folks in the crowd who would rather watch the experiment unfold than actually participate in it. Certainly there is nothing wrong with being an examiner, so long as your position as an examiner does not morph its way into a position of judgment. Those who always find themselves on the periphery can often create fear out of those things they never took the time to understand in the first place.They may feel that things are always just happening to them rather than for them. As such, it can be difficult to appreciate the work of the universe if you always live with a notion that none of your life’s circumstances have ever been under your control.

To embrace is to acknowledge the universe as your partner in co-creation. To embrace is to say, “I am willing to be vulnerable so that I may become better.” To embrace is to say “I trust you” to the universe, allowing it to do what it does best –  lining up an abundance of circumstances in the most perfect of ways, and allowing you to experience each moment to its fullest.To embrace is to say, “we’re in this together” to a universe that wants nothing more than to yield to us the best in all that surrounds us. From the best in our coworkers to the best in our loved ones and all the physical settings we find ourselves in.

The universe is just waiting to share its abundance with us all. Make the decision to embrace it and it won’t ever disappoint you. Feel free to stand on the outside and watch life go by if for nothing more than a fresh perspective. But before too much time goes by – before you become too much of a bystander in your own life, be sure to really embrace the universe every now and again. Just decide that you would like to be on the same team with the universe, and know in your heart and mind that the universe is eager to serve you in so many awesome ways if you trust that it will. Life is so much more enjoyable when you trust that all things will work out just as they need to. Make the most of your moments in the best way you know how, and let the universe take care of the particulars.

The universe trusts you. Be sure to return the favor every now and again, and watch as incredible things begin to unfold for in your life.


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