My Own Champion

There’s a strange phenomenon that happens in this world where everyone is instantaneously connected to one another. It seems the more interconnected I’ve become (particularly online) the more I feel the unmistakable urge to compare my own life’s timeline and significant marks of achievement with those who’ve joined me on my electronic journey through life. From time to time, I find myself getting caught up in where everyone else in my circle of influence appears to be as I slowly drift away from focusing on where I want to be/am currently headed.

Even so, I always find time to (eventually) get centered once again…to stop treating my life like a race that needs won, and to quit pretending that there are certain life milestones that must be adhered to. Rather, I try every day to appreciate all the details – big and small – of every moment in my life.

Beyond that, I’ve committed to growing in my understanding of conscious and empowered living. Like most things, living and leading a fulfilling and empowered life requires genuine focus, practice and patience. In my mind, the best way to go about living in this newly empowered state of being is to continuously work on becoming my own champion.

As such, I must be willing to become the most dedicated, giving, respectful, hard-working, passionate, willing, trustworthy, courageous, inspired, etc. person I know. While I am eternally grateful for those in my life who consistently provide me with such meaningful motivation, purpose and drive, I know that it is my own sense of worth that lies at the core of my ability to live with true intention and intensity.

I must be willing – every single day – to step up as both the captain of my own soul and the master of my own mind. I must live with the kind of positive beliefs and expectations will help to empower not only my own thoughts and actions, but also the thoughts and actions of those I encounter day after day. I must be willing, without exception, to make the sacrifices that need to be made so that I am primed and ready for all opportunities that continue to come my way.

At the end of the day, I need not just to see that ideal version of myself, but to actually live as that person in all ways possible. I know that the ideal me is much more than an imaginary sense of self; rather, it is a very real and attainable state of being held permanently in my mind’s eye so that I may never lose sight of exactly what it is to live a life fulfilled.

Today I recommit myself to living life as my own champion, eager to make my ideal self a lot more like my every day being.


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